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Dedicated to the development of value creation in

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Advanced technologies & technical sciences to benefit societies.

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PelkTec Company Limited is an emerging technology organization dedicated to the development of value creation in Energy, Water, Environment and Waste Management using advanced technologies and technical sciences to benefit societies.

PelkTec offers solution projects in Clean energy, E-mobility, Water and Sanitation involving Research in technology development and machinery. Thus, proposes sustainability in clean energy production and efficiency, clean heating and cooling systems with resilient climate practice incorporating strong business development models with foreseeable project financing.

Dr. Emmanuel K. Payne
Managing Partner

Message from Management

PelkTec’s management style forms a mixed-gender team, albeit affirmative policy to attract at least fifty percent (50%) women involvement to unfold their unique talents with evolving accelerated objectives. This brings into realization the aspect of UN’s SDGs for gender insightfulness in PelkTec. It thus promote initiative and empowerment contributing to knowledge acquisition and skills development, increasing leadership participation with the success of women in clean energy and technology solutions.

In furtherance attests to building an environment of well-being based on trust as our fundamental goal in order to define the right connections and stay relevant in business. PelkTec advocates for unified talents and creativity, hence we implore women presence in decision making as important; mostly associating with a stronger business and social commitment to promote diversity of hands-on leadership with client satisfaction focus.

At PelkTec, we believe women impact at the corporate management level has specific characteristics in terms of organizational abilities and driving purpose. These characteristics exhibit influence that leads to greater workforce motivation and better results. One significant benefit of female leadership is an increase in measures to promote harmonized work-family balance relationship. It is deemed important for corporate development as well as improving family-like quality of life to encourage dynamic management. It further demonstrates a greater growth of capacity development, thereby promoting entrepreneurial ecosystem collectively for team building and performance.

Our Products & Services

Power Production and Distributed Energy Resources Integration

Electrical Systems Equipment and Components

E-Mobility Development (Electric Vehicle)

Energy Storage Systems and Management

Ancillary Services

Clean Heating and Safe Clean Cooking

Industrial Machinery

Water and Sanitation Management

SMART Agriculture Development

Our Business Areas

PelkTec company operation encompasses Energy and Eco-friendly sustainable solutions, proposing three (3) thematic business areas such as;
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    Energy Compact Development Projects

    PelkTec pursues project development and improvement impacting climate change to save the environment from pollutions. We offer affordable access to power production and distributed systems including zero-carbon footprint transportation in developing countries with leapfrog approach through technological advancement. This paradigm is to be achieved through alternative, clean and renewable energy productions.

  • 2
    Water and Waste Management

    The stress on our water and environment as a result of increasing industrialization and other factors aiding urbanization is becoming very high, thus reducing the availability of clean water. Polluted water is of great concern to the aquatic organisms, plants, humans, and climate and indeed alters the ecosystem.

  • 3
    Agriculture and Industrial Machinery

    PelkTec believes that currently, there are untapped opportunities for agriculture machinery to aid Smart sustainable green produces in all year round Agriculture practice. Thus, existing providers of Agriculture machinery and implements are not too diversified to serve the increasingly demand for specialized needs of mechanization for production in large scale modernized farming.

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