Power Production and Distributed
Energy Resources Integration

It is envisaged that the critical aspect of power generation is to guarantee reliable baseload power, and this is assured by our advanced technology solutions delivering an innovative power production of a significant value for residential, commercial and industrial, including community applications for Mini/Microgrid systems from clean alternative and renewable resources. Whereas global energy demand for growing economies steadily increases, the revolution also affects developing nations for their energy demand and supply balance.

Their societies are simultaneously undergoing a transition towards industrialization, thus impacts carbon emissions and production sustainability. It is worthy to be noted that; as power production trend evolves pushing beyond the boundaries of just generations, the possible attainment of consumers’ desire is for the right levelized cost of energy (LCOE) balance between operations and environmental sustainability. PelkTec’s quest in providing developing countries especially Africa with reliable and sustainable clean power is critical in laying the foundational infrastructure needed to modernize the region’s economy and developmental growth. PelkTec and its partners have the deep understating of what it takes to deliver superior power production projects with value prospects.

We propose to undertake the following solution projects with Solar, Alternative clean and renewable power production and distributed resources with storage systems;

  • Hybrid Clean Power Generations as an Integrated DERs for Mini/Microgrid Systems
  • Stand-Alone Distributed Power Generations for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications

Clean Heating and Safe Clean Cooking

PelkTec Company as part of it’s products offer technological development in clean and renewable heating applicable to industrial production and safe cooking solutions. Various types of heating and cooking apparatus are known especially in the developing countries. A known conventional heating for industrial operations utilizes boilers consuming fossil fuels. Again, readily available cooking apparatus employ Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) that is stored in a cylinder as a fuel. Notwithstanding the effect of climate change due to conventional heating methods from fossil fuels, when the LPG cylinder gets empty after a certain amount of usage, demand and delivery of a filled-up cylinder is necessary for replacement. These exercises have been proven to be inimical due to greenhouse emissions and safety reasons yet inevitable.

Moreover, the use of LPG as fossil fuels emits harmful compounds to the environment if not properly treated. Additionally due to high demand for LPG, shortage of supply forces the price of LPG to soar causing inconvenience to the public and defeat the purpose of its application to save deforestation. Having being concerned, PelkTec proposes clean heating and safe cooking development utilising technologies which saves the environment from fossil fuels pollution and hence eco user-friendly.

E-Mobility Development (Electric Vehicle)

The desire to reduce emissions and pollution levels globally coupled with upward trend in fuel prices mean that Electric Vehicle has become an increasingly attractive alternative in recent years for mobility. Thus, Electric Vehicle has emerged as serious competitor to the ICE vehicles. The Electric Vehicle offer many advantages, which can be summed up in overall as greater energy efficiency. The quest has primary motive prompting public stakeholders and business professionals to implement assertive measures to introduce the E-mobility concept proposing Electric Vehicle deployment at a range of levels accordingly per the developed Acts in existence.

PelkTec’s mission is to pursue Electric Vehicle to become a successful mode of transport in developing countries especially in Africa and hence seeking to promote public policies that are eager to be implemented. PelkTec’s proposition for Electric Vehicle business is driven towards four elements of development and deployment such as;

  • The charging system network
  • Effective marketing strategies for increasingly deployment for demand
  • Operations and maintenance for performance and lifecycle sustainability
  • Technological research development and capacity building

Accordingly, PelkTec is positioned uniquely to champion the course of Electric Vehicle in all aspects of the above stated four features for policies development and operational deployment.

Energy Storage Systems and Management

The resilient performance of renewable power generation is strongly dependent on a suitable storage system. PelkTec offers a wide range of long-standing energy storage technologies for operation of renewable distributed generation systems. Whether you need a Thermal, Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical storage systems in diverse application and forms, PelkTec deems it fit to provide in collaboration with its partners.  We offer our clients the most convenient selection of energy storage technologies for clean energy applications with auxiliary regulation schemes. Additionally, we ensure the highest warranty and quality standard assurance of efficacy and lifecycle expectancy.

Ancillary Services

Continuous performance and improvement of power production and distributed systems rely on creation of ancillary services. Operations of the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) at the distribution grid level require proactive grid intelligence to respond to imminent constraints. Network constraints posed to conventional transmission/distribution systems and operations, inherently results in power stability and security challenges. The incoherent performance stability of grid network determines the provision of ancillary services (ASs), following the encounters of the TSO and DSO. Whereas the DERs can be deploy to offer specific system operation irrespective of regulation sustenance, the integration of special regulatory intelligence systems including energy storage as a solution maintains the resilience of power generation and delivery systems.

As the DERs and Smart Grid infrastructures emerge as Mini/Microgrid architectures to aid the transformation of the distribution grid, PelkTec proposes dynamic Ancillary Services (ASs) for the emerging grid structure. The solution emphasises on inertial response, active power ramp rate control, frequency response, voltage regulation, fault remedial contributions and harmonic mitigations.

Electrical Systems Equipment and Components

PelkTec in collaboration with its partners of Electrical systems equipment and component manufacturers offer top standard and quality products. Our esteemed clients’ in the Power Production and Distributed Systems stand to benefit from this proposition. With comprehensive commercial and industrial product applications, we crave to provide our clients with the needed resources they require to meet the diverse demands of the Electrical applications and practice.

PelkTec further offer sales specialization advice on products, utilizing our relationships with top global manufacturers of Electrical transmission and distribution industries to provide our clients the most extensive portfolio of services and solutions across the markets we serve. The products we represent include those utilized in all electrical transmission and distribution systems.

Industrial Machinery

PelkTec proposes an extensive market-orientated range of products for a diverse range of industries for industrial machinery. We combine well-proven business principles with an innovative development and operational performance profile. Our company combines a network of professional engineers and aligned manufacturers of which we form a uniquely made strategic alliance for projects execution and operations, aiming to bring together the best practices of plant machinery.

PelkTec proposition in industrial machinery is in addition to site and plant engineering in a wide range of state of the art industrial practice with integrated engineering solution services involving renowned manufacturers with core focus in plant machinery, spare parts, vender services, individual equipment packages and complete turnkey projects.

Water and Sanitation Management

Water is considered as life; however, in some developing countries this turns to be a scarce commodity for the people’s livelihood. PelkTec determines to resolve water associated problems by offering water solution to communities where the existing water supply does not cover and also propose support solutions for operations and maintenance to existing ones with plant equipment or machinery. Wastewater treatment systems are comprehensive that combine various components to remove impurities, such as oil, organic matters, and minerals to achieve the required water quality for safe disposal or further usage. In an emerging trend, treated wastewaters are reuse to compensate the shortage of water in the application of Agriculture and Industrial processes.

PelkTec proposes to engage communities and urban assemblies in the design and construction of innovative systems and industrial water treatment facilities for various activities. Additionally, we seek to offer solutions to sanitation management with measures of value addition to solid waste management. PelkTec in this aspect seeks to collaborate with its partners in achieving its objectives contributing to global environmental preservation.

SMART Agriculture Development

PelkTec as a dealer in Agriculture machinery and implements propose diverse mechanization of equipment and parts to enhance innovative green farming with digitization. Having collaboration with renowned manufacturers and suppliers, we take charge to enhance and improve on operations with advanced equipment for agriculture practice. PelkTec takes pride in making schemes for innovative green Agricultural equipment that are otherwise unknown in traditional farming practice in large scale for Smart mechanization.

PelkTec similarly, deems it fit to implore the services of Agriculture extension officers and machinery experts to support farming activities in modernized mode. Again, to reduce the difficulty in produces transportation, we possibly make provisions for inclusion of storage and marketing capabilities.

Efficient Cooling System

Cooling is the transfer of thermal energy from one medium to another of lesser temperate state. In commercial and industrial applications, cooling can be critical to ensure that processes do not cause products to deviate from assigned medium and to create harmonized living space. Growing cooling demand is impacting power generation and distribution capacity, particularly during peak demand periods and extreme heat events.

Despite campaign for better average cooling performance and less-carbon-intensive electricity production, COemissions from space cooling are increasing rapidly almost tripling to more than1Gt between 1990 and 2019 as stated by IEA. This confirms that Energy demand for space cooling is making the fastest growing end-use in facilities being responsible for emissions of about 8.5% of total final electricity consumption in 2019 by IEA. To put cooling on track with the UN SDGs energy efficiency standards need to be implemented to improve cooling energy performance more than 50% by 2030.

To this effect, PelkTec’s efficient cooling system applies a medium to absorb heat, at a point of high specific heat conversion with advanced technology. This proposes solution for many different applications for commercial and industrial cooling system through eco-friendly clean energy paradigm and cost effective manner.