Company Profile

PelkTec is noted for high level professionalism advancing the course of developments in technology and engineering applications through applied research. With our local and international collaboration, we have the ability to reach out to the world across disciplines to create value, societal welfare, and economic growth by developing solutions in global context, transcending traditional barriers in a leapfrog approach. We believe in technology as a means for necessary change in energy efficiency with conscious environmental practice adhering to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is envisaged in our operations paradigm in line with nine (9) SDGs relating to the company’s sustainable development drive. Our corporate mandate is developed towards achieving significantly Goals; 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 17.

It is worth noting, we are driven by the desire to develop sustainable technology solutions that create enabling operational portfolios for job creations and thus, develop opportunities with efficient and effective gender balance with perspectives to foster all-inclusive management. PelkTec operations cover residential, commercial, industrial and public institutions proposing innovative solutions at the intersections of engineering applying creativity embedded in theory and practice. This demonstrates the company’s vision in conservation and technological development for developing countries; hence we invite prospective global partners to join us in realizing such a vision.

Mission Statement

Developing and creating value in Energy, E-Mobility, Water and Environmental management utilizing advanced technological developments and technical sciences in leapfrog approach.

Vision Statement

Envisaging clean and climate resilient energy paradigm to forestall eco-friendly system through advanced technology developments in developing countries.

Value Proposition

PelkTec is committed to creating value in Energy technologies and Environmental conservation, thus reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Accordingly, we seek to develop and promote the spread of eco-friendly projects equipped with advanced technical sciences at the forefront of clean energy production, conservation, efficiency, E-Mobility and also to enhance water sufficiency and sanitation management. These are achieved in consonant with UN’s SDGs.

Workforce Ethics

For workplace harmonization, PelkTec craves trust and purpose, and thus create a positive corporate impact on society in all dealings. We believe “Trust” is the foundation of an organization integrity, hence it guides the leadership, undergirds customer relations, and fuels talent attraction and retention. This is composed as “trust triangle” which works both internally and externally. PelkTec’s model of Trust is based on three pillars namely; logic, authenticity, and empathy enshrined in our core values. PelkTec’s view of perfect trust is attribution of characteristics linked to our sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Core Values

Logic: Being constructively honest in all discourses, actively seeking solutions through consensus in all dealings with integrity.

Authenticity: Trustworthy in all communications with dedication to corporate mutual understanding, and respect for opinions and rights, always proposing best client relationship management.

Supportive of each other in our engagement as a team, providing clients the maximum civility in a shared vision within our respective roles and deeds.

Diligence: Integrity being the bedrock of our operational endurance, thus practical guidance demonstrates our vigilant tool in all our dealings for excellence.

Resolute in overcoming unfathomed challenges, persistently gaining insight into remarkable fortitude.

Corporate Governance

PelkTec proposes unique attitude towards corporate governance to;

  • Promote prudent risk management
  • Drive superior and sustainable value propositions
  • Ensure broader responsibility to clients, investors, shareholders and partners, thus meeting stakeholder’s expectations

These governance characteristics lead to the formation of four (4) tier structures;

  • Board of Directors
  • Governance and Compliance Board
  • Executive Management Team
  • Non-Executive Advisory Board

Corporate Social Responsibility

Civic Responsibility

As a reliable company, PelkTec strives to provide our clients and all our stakeholders’ world-class technological driven projects and services. Accordingly, we desire offering professional advice to all institutions alike for policy development and stakeholders’ consultations. It is one of our core social services to contribute significantly to knowledge transfer and an informed decision-making in society for training, policy reviews and developments. In our conscious effort we seek to utilize refined technologies to promote harmony in the context of global environmental best practice, economic relevance and social accepted activities.

Development and Empowerment Responsibility

PelkTec is motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit, thereby supports harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of students, employed graduates, staff, and the affiliates we work with. Ideas are encouraged to be brainstormed, unleashed and carried into society for developments and operations, where they make a difference. We support scalable and sustainable careers and professional skills development by offering training programmes, competencies, team formation, mentoring, and incubation where appropriate for talents development including our outsourcing collaborative agencies.

Diversity and Gender Responsibility

PelkTec is dedicated to respecting the human rights of all people. We create a corporate culture where diversity, individuality and character of employees are respected. In furtherance, people are motivated to do their best for which, employees and their families could be proud. Gender advocacy and women empowerment are at the forefront and the bearing cord of PelkTec development and operations. To this effect we wholly support women development and participation in all spheres to unfold their God’s given potentials. In that, PelkTec advocates women development in all aspects of skills acquisition and knowledge transfer for their active self-esteem per our affirmative policy of women for equal level involvement and decision-making. We are again dedicated to achieving evenly and greater transparency and stability by conducting our operations fairly in accordance with the highest ethical standards to provide diversity of all people irrespective of race, tribe, personality, creed and stature.

Energy Conservation and Climate Change Policy

PelkTec is determined to provide innovative solutions to improve the environmental impacts of our operational territories, thereby proposing eco-friendly energy production and efficient strategies to safeguard the effect of climate change in all practice. We abhor practices that may hinder or deform the essence of natural conservation.

Corporate and Clients Relationship

PelkTec envisions strategic partnership as universally accepted alliance with selected global corporate organizations and entities. The establishment of these strategic local content and external collaborations form project partnership for technical strength to execute successful projects. The formation model framework adheres to international best practices as well, fulfilling key performance indicators being set with mutual respect. We desire working with our strategic partners to combine complementary competence and leverage on synergies to develop new products or projects and business relationships, enhancing capacity building and research initiatives for innovations including project funding opportunities. The partnership areas are;

  • Business alliance and strategic partnership
  • Supplier representation
  • Continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Research development and deployment