EPC and Turnkey Projects

PelkTec is positioned to offer turnkey projects in EPC and EPCM as a package delivery for commercial and industrial applications. The paradigm involves execution of projects comprising engineering, providing logistics, construction/installation and commissioning.

Depending on the type of project concept as a turnkey, the proposition is offered in the following regimes;

  • Built Own Operate (BOO),
  • Built Operate and Transfer (BOT),
  • Built Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT)

Any of the above regimes could have special operations and maintenance (O&M) services included as a package. PelkTec deems to provide collaborated project finance in consultation with our fund managers.

Consequently, the aspects of the EPCM could be solicited as a separate stand-alone service delivery such as; FEED, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and O&M.

Project Finance

PelkTec in partnership with renowned Financial Solution Services (FSS) propose Project Finance (Green Funding) for clean and renewable energy developments as a service solution for projects in emerging eco-friendly business operations. With a complete coordinated financing for delivering energy and environmental or climate change related projects, the scheme deems to remove the barriers that prevent projects from being realised. The Green Funding solution affords the opportunity for commercial and industrial businesses to develop and acquire their own energy production systems, strategic means to improve on operations and reduce excessive tariffs and also improves on carbon emissions.

The funding regime provides businesses with convenient medium to grow revenue and boost their operations in local economy.

The fulfillment of PelkTec’s Green Funding deliverables involves financial markets accessibility, providing resources for project development, operations financial structuring, and capital raising process.

Energy Conservation and Efficiency

The energy conservation and efficiency solution provides support from ancillary services to achieve eco-friendly project development and deployment in the following areas;

  • Demand-Side Management
    • Demand response
    • Energy efficiency
    • Energy conservation and management
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Energy Storage System
  • Energy Audit and Cost Recovery Mechanism
  • Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Applications
  • Clean Heating and Safe Cooking Systems
  • Clean Efficient Cooling Systems
  • Renewable Energy Power Generation

Industrial Facilities and Enhancement

The development provides solution to the following industrial practices for facility enhancement;

  • Development and compilation of master plans for O&M policies
  • Conducting process development for plants and facility designs
  • Management of design for manufacturing products and services
  • Coordination of certification application for regulatory requirements (building, fire defense, hazardous materials, high-pressure gas, insurance etc.)
  • Plants/Equipment diagnosis, facilities testing and various analysis works associated with a modernization, renovation and remodeling of plant/factory system with digitization
  • Building of an Energy Management System
  • Remote monitoring for operational and establishment of  robust systems status
  • Establishment of Production Line
  • Operations Optimization

Key Technology Solutions and Equipment Parts

With support from our esteemed partners PelkTec offer plants equipment support for the following;

  • Electrical Equipment and Parts
  • Crushing and Screening Technology
  • Gear Technology
  • Conveying Technology
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Kiln Parts
  • General Process Equipment
  • Grinding Process Technology
  • Storage and Packing Technology

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Services

PelkTec having a team of experts in engineering, technical, operation and maintenance with management know-how from the team individual’s accumulated years of practiced experiences, render services in operations and maintenance after plant commissioning. Thus performs debottlenecking and troubleshooting of the plants, hence adding value to sustain the project in the following prospects;

  • Process Improvements
  • Improvement of System Performance
  • Improvements in Equipment Reliability

Warranty and Engineering Assurance

Engineering and plant construction projects can be affected by all sorts of risks, from the collapse of a structure to fire, malfunctions or natural catastrophe. Taking measures against these and other risks can be a complex and expensive business. That’s why PelkTec take a holistic approach to such projects. We stay involved throughout the entire project life cycle, from planning to construction, and to operation. PelkTec also works to identify gaps and overlaps in your projects and plant operations for strategic engineering and plant assurance so you have comprehensive cost-effective with business protection.

Besides, plant and machinery or any part thereof entered in the operating schedule could suffer any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause specifically necessitating production downtime. It could further impose unbudgeted repair or replacement cost that could happen before the mandatory maintenance period. We seek to offer Warranty specialties in;

  • Engineering and constructions
  • Project life-cycle process
  • Plant commissioning
  • Guarantees for plant equipment reliability and transportations
  • Operational assurance for personal protection

Aftersales Service

PelkTec ensures your plant rigorous performance and quality of spare parts being procured to ensure optimal operations. In this our quest we also uphold high quality standards in the design and production of spare parts from our manufacturers for all applications. Besides using our procured original or OEM parts means safeguarding the correct operation of your machinery and maximizing great returns on investment when dealing with us.

PelkTec’s maintenance team and delivery of spare parts are professionals who respond rapidly to cases. This is assured by constant training of our staff to be abreast with advanced technologies to support client’s choice. Areas of solution services are listed below;

  • Spare parts procurement
  • Vendor services
  • Operational supports

Technological Development Research and
Implementation Centre (TDRIC)

PelkTec provides a full range of engineering and technology development support with enterprise concept for the growth of our business and to meet client’s expectation. This is to realize a scale-up in development research of technologies for demonstration and implementation for applications including skills development. We utilize proprietary technologies committed to expanding our business in new areas to practice, contributing to a more sustainable future for application solutions.

The essence of TDRIC demonstrates that PelkTec contributes not only by providing solutions for its operations, but also by collaborating with skill development for individuals, companies, organisations, and public institutions.

TDRIC operates in many different forms of coordination and collaboration, including development projects at the higher level of innovations in capacity building, stand-alone training courses and workshops/seminars.

Through TDRIC operations, PelkTec gains insight into current problems and challenges, thus gives opportunities to create technological solutions that can contribute to improve the sustainable development in societies. PelkTec encourages small, medium and large companies both local and international to participate in our collaboration.

TDRIC specific categorized and focused unit development pillars are;

  • PelkTec Skylab
  • PelkTec Entrepreneurship
  • PelkTec Technology Transfer
  • PelkTec Science Park
  • PelkTec Energy Link and Future Box
  • PelkTec TDRIC Open Research

TDRIC key business development and technology areas are;

  • Industrial research and collaboration
  • TDRIC professional consultancy and advisory
  • International collaboration
  • Renewable energy
  • Reliable digitization
  • High-tech climate action
  • Sustainable cities
  • Clean SME mining operational reclamation technology